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Ramblings and Mumblings #304: On How ‘Fans’ Could Get Really Possessive of Their Fandoms and Shit



 noun \ˈfan-dəm\



: all the fans (as of a sport)
     : the state or attitude of being a fan

Everyone in this world is entitled to have his/her own identity. It is an unwritten inclusion on the concept of basic human rights, of which some nations in Africa, South America and Asia (ahem, NoKor, ahem) have yet to be acquainted on. Whether we are aware or not, the identities we have are shaped not just by the labels we ultimately attach to our names, but by the small, trivial things that make up who we were, are, and will be. 

As any dubiously  adjusted person out there, I’m sure most of us have: things we hate, things we dislike, things we don’t really care about, things we are okay with, things we sorta like, things we like, and things we really like like. Focusing on the last one, it’s only normal to be really into something and get rabidly (visual on dog having it,please) fascinated about it. Reaching for the extremes, these are things we’d probably kill for. If not, steal a defenseless grandma’s purse for. 

I was skimming through my FB newsfeed this afternoon when an interesting post from a former schoolmate appeared. Apparently, she’s pissed off about some ”poser” tweeting/posting about NBA stuff and was ranting, in general, about being a ”real fan”. We weren’t really close back then and no doubt, if I had commented on her post she would have sassed me out. Either that, or her strong support group will. [Translation: Messing with her would be committing social suicide].

I’m fine with people ranting on social networking sites but it sorta irked me when I remembered her previous posts about GoT and how ”uncool” people could get over their sartorial choices. Ate, I respect you and I don’t want to be rude but how can you determine a ‘real fan’? Is there a particular checklist for it? How many years do you have to be soooo in to something to be a ‘real fan’ of it? Is it the number of characters or players you could memorize or recognize? Or is it the memorable quotes or taglines you could spout from your mouth? How about the collectibles and merchandises you have wasted your money to collect on? Tell me. Tell me or I’m going to assume you’re just some brat unwilling to share her favorite toys. Ikaw na ang #1 fan, ate, ikaw na. 

I get that it’s in our human nature to be possessive. Greed is one of the definitions of being mortal, and as cliche as things get, no one is perfect. But, uhm, do you really have to be that harsh on others po?

Depending on how extensive their scopes are, fandoms are a cultural structure that could define a period of time in history. It is not something one person alone could truly own. You can’t monopolize something that was meant to be shared.

A shrink or a Psych Major would read this particular blog entry and would tell me that I have antagonistic issues on the person who posted *that*. Just to be clear here, I don’t. I don’t know her well enough and she doesn’t know me well either.  If she reads this, I hope she’ll get my point somehow and not be offended. But if she does get pissed over my opinion, I can’t say I’ll apologize until we settle it down and have a diplomatic talk about this. Just as much as she has strong opinions about ”posers”, I too have opinions on people who judge and ridicule other people’s references.